No1: Pictures of a demonstration of Reiki at two equestrian centres.

No2: Reiki demonstration at a private yard near Tornaveen.

I introduce myself, and explain about Reiki. I also have a couple of diagrams to pass round. Then some people will have a few minutes of Reiki. In a small group everyone can try if they want to.

Then I give some Reiki to a horse, this is Ed.

Ed is apparently a fidgety horse especially when there are people about that he doesnt know (there were several of us today). I had started at his left but he was happier when I went round to his right.

He liked it when I stood to his head, he got more relaxed.........and his head got lower....and lower... After I stepped back and ended Eds session he remained quite relaxed and as you can see he was leaning on his "Mum".

He wasnt worried about us talking loudly and laughing at all. The Reiki had really calmed him. I had been both drawn to his head and stayed there where he was happy.

I was drawn to his back, just to the back of where the saddle would fit. Once he had chilled he was quite happy for me to go to that area and put my hands on him. A lovely boy!